How do I scan a document

Lets assume you want to control a scanner plugged into your PC.

In the enterprise manager, you need to create a scan profile. If you have the rights, launch (or install) the Enterprise Manager. Open your cabinet and go down to scan profiles. Create a profile (Probably Twain) for the scanner make you have.

You will need to belong to the scanning user group as well. Without being in this group you wont get the scan tab. If this isn’t an option due to licensing then you can create a scan station instead. Search for Scanstation to the right.

Now if you refresh your cabinet, and assuming you are a scanning user, you should see the scanning tab and the profile you have just created. All of this is documented in the help guide in Enterprise Manager for setting up and WinClient help guide for actually scanning.

Remember – once you scan a document it will be local and will need checking in. You will also need to index it as well.

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