Advacned Capture using Built-In OCR

Reading areas of the page and barcodes

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Automatic Indexing

One of the key features of FileDirector is its ability to make document scanning easier. You can extract information from the scanned page by either reading barcodes or reading zones on the page (as demonstrated below). 


Automate Despatch Notes scanning with Zonal OCR

You can create templates to read areas of the page as you scan

Each despatch note has a unique number – the job number or delivery note number. If we scan these pages, FileDirector can be set to read an area of the page as it passes through the scanner. This information can then be passed over to an index field so the scanning process can be virtually automated.


Get 100% accuracy with bar-codes

FileDirector can read many bar-code types including code 39, code 128, PDF417, Codabar and 2 of 5. The values of the bar-codes can be used for indexing or splitting batches. It’s surprisingly easy to add bar-codes into your documents. You can download bar-code fonts that install onto your computer. 


Forms recognition

If you have different varieties of the same document type – i.e. key supplier invoices, FileDirector can scan in forms recognition mode. This means we can create a template for each “supplier” and set a document identifier – such as a logo. FileDirector will then scan a mixed batch of your purchase ledger, recognise a TNT invoice and know where on the page to find the invoice number or order number. This can cut down dramatically on manual keying in or updating. When further sophistication or accuracy is required, we can integrate FileDirector with one of our intelligent capture applications, like FexiCapture or PSI Capture.

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OCR & Barcode Features

  • Use bar-codes for document separation
  • Read areas of the page and map to a field
  • Run in forms mode, identifying documents
  • Link a zonal area to a label
  • Extract values in bar-codes
  • 2D bar-code recognition like QR codes

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