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ABBYY FlexiCapture

We partner with ABBYY to provide one of the worlds most advanced document capture solutions. ABBYY FlexiCapture can firnd information on the page and pass this data into business applications as well as passing the document, fully-indexed into FileDirector.

With a huge amount of power and capability behind the scenes, each field can be carefully validated and checked. Here are some of the every-day uses our clients find for FlexiCapture:

  • Intelligent Invoice Recognition and Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing / Sales Order Processing
  • Despatch notes and Goods received notes


When ABBYY FlexiCapture is integrated with FileDirector, process automation is enabled. For example, an invoice can be read in FlexiCapture and passed to Sage 200 whilst at the same time the PDF is being routed around the business in FileDirector to be approved.

The big difference

With FileDirector’s OCR module, we seek to read an area of the page. This works incredibly well for documents you “own”, like your own delivery notes. This isn’t so good for supplier invoices, where you have no control over who-puts-what-where.

FlexiCapture looks for the labels on the page and then values nearby that make sense. So we can set out to find the words ‘Order Number’ or ‘Your Ref’ and seek to find a number to the right or below it. We call this Intelligent Capture. The good part is we can also validate the number and make sure it’s say one from a set or matches a pre agreed pattern. We can even invoke custom scripts to make things happen.

Imagine what automation can do for your organisation. To find out more about FlexiCapture visit our parent web site – www.c2s.co.uk/flexiCapture

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Integration Features

  • Dot Net API
  • ODBC database lookups
  • SQL database for reporting
  • Codeless connector for non web apps
  • FileDirector commands for bespoke buttons

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