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They say that time is money, right ?

So if we can free up more time for you then we can save you money. FileDirector is a system that can be deployed in a micro-business, a department or company-wide to centralise the access and control of all documents. Tagging documents on the way in to the system means they can be retrieved in seconds when you need them.

The alternative, and often the status quo, is a combination of paper documents, emails and Office docs spread all over the place. What FileDirector can do is bring all of this information together so you can easily control it, publish it and manage it.


Workflow and Approvals

FileDirector has an optional Process Management module that opens up unlimited possibilities for creating customised document related work-flows; invoice approvals, customer complaints, new recruits, etc. If there is a paper-trail and your current system is costing time and creating problems, the process management module is affordable and quick to deploy. Your team can approve documents on the go using a dedicated iPhone client or through any web browser or the Windows client.


Feature Rich And Easy to Use

FileDirector is ridiculously easy to use. It makes it easy to add and index a document with integration of Microsoft Office applications, the Windows desktop and built-in scanning. You can have unlimited hot folders receiving files from your MFP or advanced data capture solutions like ABBYY FlexiCapture. Documents can then be viewed in a sophisticated Windows program or any web browser on any platform.


Typical Scenario: Proof of Delivery

Many of our customers deliver their own goods and have a customer sign the POD. Some weeks down the line, when the accounts team are chasing the payment, the customer says they never received one of the lines on the despatch note. Rather than going into another office to find the paper-work stored in an ever-growing pile of box folders, accounts can key in the order number, click search and retrieve the signed POD in a few seconds. They can then email it onto the customer there and then to discuss the signature. With the query settled, payment can be collected. That’s good for business and good for cash flow.


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Key Benefits

  • Centralise important business information
  • Secure your documents and share only with approved users
  • Capture information from scanned documents
  • Create custom approval workflows
  • Make documents accessible to customers


Key Features

  • Built-in control of ISIS & Twain Scanners
  • Windows client or web browser access
  • Integration with the Windows desktop & MS Office apps
  • Audit trail, version control, and document history
  • “Print” documents in from any application like Sage
  • Create custom document exception reports

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