Linking and Integrating FileDirector with other systems

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Microsoft Dot Net technology with IIS

FileDirector is written in Dot Net 4 and uses a MS SQL or Oracle database for storing indexing information. Although not open source, this is reasonably standard technology and easy to work with. The FileDirector server components need to be installed on a server running IIS ie Windows 2008R2 / 2012 and FileDirector can be accessed across your LAN using simple http on port 80 or secured https on port 443.

The SDK kit is available for developers to work with and both Spielberg and partners Click2Scan Ltd can assist with any specific integration you would like undertaken. 

FileDirector runs perfectly from any cloud-based server and is perfectly happy being virtualised.


Abbyy FlexiCapture

Click2Scan have written a complete application integration between that FileDirector and Abbyy FlexiCapture. FlexiCapture is the perfect application for auto-filing thousands of documents each day, like invoices, order forms, orders or certificates. It’s key advantage it the ability to find information on the page intelligently. This means you dont need to create templates.

FlexiCapture compliments FileDirector’s already powerful storage and archive tools but AbbyyLink allows documents read in FlexiCapture to be pushed directly into FileDirector in a compliant way.


Santiago Email Filing

Santiago is the email tool designed to download attachments and file them away. There is an integration with FileDirector that means attachments can be filtered – so you only get the ones you want – and have them autofiled in FileDirector, with known meta data used for indexing. Example. Your suppliers send you a statement. You have a rule in place to auto-file the statement and then create a workflow to make sure an AP personnel views the document.


Sharepoint Integration

Scan with all of the simplicity of FileDirector yet present your documents back through SharePoint using the FileDirector SharePoint web part.  Adding documents into SharePoint libraries is perfect for “live” documents like proposals and correspondence but for document records like invoices or delivery notes, where after a year of scanning you may have hundreds of thousands, SharePoint is not the best solution but FileDirector certainly is.


Microsoft Office & Windows Desktop

FileDirector places icons in Outlook, Excel & Word so that documents or emails can be easily archived within a few clicks. There is also a link in the Windows contextual menu so you can right click and send-to any file into FileDirector.


Codeless Connector

Exactly as its name implies, you can link your business applications to the FileDirector Client with no coding at all. All that is required is a link between the metadata fields in the application and FileDirector, which is created using the FileDirector Codeless Connector configuration utility. With the connector, you can retrieve and scan documents from within your business application with the documents then being available in the FileDirector Windows Client. A powerful tool that takes seconds to configure.


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Integration Features

  • Dot Net API
  • ODBC database lookups
  • SQL database for reporting
  • Codeless connector for non web apps
  • FileDirector commands for bespoke buttons

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