FileDirector videos

Here is our tutorial library


Searching for Documents

This video shows the different types of searching

Editing Indexing & Pages

This shows how to edit he indexing information and combine pages

Scanning Documents

This video shows how to control a scanner and use the functionality in FileDirector


Admin Tutorials

FileDirector Config Settings – FD Config

We show some of the settings in the FD Config program – for admins only

Installing the Client Software

Here’s how you install the client software and set the users work stations up

Setting up users & Groups

How to setup users and assign the permissions

Setting up fields and document types

How to setup your cabinet and create fields and document types

Setting up a scanner

In this video we show you how to setup a scanner – remember the scanner driver though first

Setting up scheduled imports / hot folders

Here’s how you can import files dropping into a folder, say from a copier

Setting up barcode profiles

If you want to use a barcode for separation or for indexing, this video will explain it for you

Keywords & Linked Keyword Lists

To save time keying in, use keyword lists – this video will show you how to set them up

ODBC setup

Need to lookup values in a database – this video will show you how

Process Management Setup

This video shows how we setup a process – workflow

FDDL Comands – Linking Your Applications

A quick introduction to FDDL commands that allow you to send links and commands at FileDirector

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