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Barcodes and OCR make scanning fast and simple. FileDirector is “best in class” when it comes to document capture

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FileDirector has the most flexible and comprehensive document capture features available. Paper and electronic documents, whatever their format or source, are easily captured to FileDirector and you can even add your own capture facilities to third-party applications.


Document Scanning

FileDirector has scanning capabilities included within the standard Client software, so there is no need to run one application for capturing and another for retrieving documents.
To make the scanning process easy, Scan Profiles can be created. They hold the settings for the capture device and can also be configured to store documents under specific document types and categories.


Not only can you scan new documents but you can also insert, append or revise pages within existing documents.

Whilst scanning, you can also configure FileDirector to perform zone and forms recognition to read metadata automatically from the documents.

You can use a vast range of scanning and input devices with FileDirector’s support of TWAIN and ISIS.


Microsoft Office Integration

Storing information from desktop applications is a simple process with FileDirector’s integration of Microsoft Office applications and with Windows Explorer.

Just choose to send the document to FileDirector and you can then index the document, or have FileDirector take information automatically, such as the file name and date.

When saving emails from Outlook, these can be indexed automatically using email data such as ‘To’, ‘From’, ‘Subject’ and even the email body.


Virtual Network Printer

The FileDirector Image Printer is a Windows printer driver that allows you to ‘print’ from Windows applications directly to FileDirector. The information will be converted to either TIFF or JPG image formats, depending upon their content.


Importing into FileDirector

FileDirector has several server and client-based features that allow you to import virtually any information. From the Client, documents can be imported from any location using Scan Profiles. This is very useful when a shared scanning device, such as a digital multifunction copier, is being used which stores documents to a specific location. The Client can also be used to import documents, together with their associated metadata information, which would be held in a separate data file. The documents are saved in their native format.

There are many server-based import features available that can import files, files and metadata, or just the metadata. Additionally, spool data in text, import XML format, extract the metadata and overlay the data onto an image or XML template.

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Capture features

  • ISIS or Twain Scanners
  • Direct Canon scanner integration
  • Unlimited folder monitoring
  • Print in any document using Image Printer
  • eCopy connector
  • MS Office Integration
  • Desktop integration – right click on any file
  • Bulk file importing using CSV files

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