Why use FileDirector

Here are some typical scenarios


So this page is all about why ? Why do you need FileDirector ? Well, you probably want to solve some business problem. Perhaps you need to move documents into your business more easily and route them through to your colleagues more quickly. Perhaps you have a backlog of old files that need digitizing and you want to retrieve them again with minimum effort.

Perfect for

  • Accounts Payable & Receivable
  • HR
  • Logistics
  • Compliance
  • QA

There are many alternatives out there to choose from including DropBox, Google Drive, SharePoint and so on. So why do our customers pay thousands of pounds to use FileDirector. The answer is scale, reliability, flexibility and trust. FileDirector has been developed over a 20 year period. Firstly as Scanfile and since 2004 as FileDirector. FileDirector is a serious solution for a business with serious amounts of documents that need handling and processing.

  • Rapid deployment – just a few days
  • Workflows working in under an hour – no programming
  • Scalable – start small, build up as you need

Whatever the scenario you have, not only will our team know the answer, it’s also highly likely that the developers at Spielberg have accommodated your thoughts and ideas already. The scenarios below are a mix of vertical markets like Legal, or horizontal departmental uses like accounts payable or specific uses of FileDirector that our clients like.


We have a number of legal firms who use FileDirector together with our Digital Mailroom technologies for intelligently capturing and classifying the daily inbound mail.

FileDirector is used for compliant document storage and for workflow – alerting fee earners of new documents that needs action. FileDirector is perfect for case management in any legal practice.


Case Management

In customer services, FileDirector can be the perfect store for all inbound calls to action, complaints and tasks. Daily documents are captured using the built-in scanning or using intelligent capture and Process Management module can route the documents to the respective customer service teams to take action. In Process Management a single user or a group of users can claim a document.


Accounts Payable

FileDirector is used widely in account payable automation. With it’s flexible workflows and compliant storage, you can start by having HMRC compliant storage of all your invoices and credit notes and then enable approval processes when you are ready. When sold with ABBYY FlexiCapture, FileDirector becomes the perfect accounts payable automation tool.


With all of the paper and documents that make up an employee record, having FileDirector means you have an easy scanning solution and a secure compliant repository for all documents. Find an employees certificate or driving license within a few clicks of the mouse. FileDirector’s layers security means only those with the right credentials will even know your HR cabinet exists.

Compliance Monitoring

One of our clients wanted to monitor outbound email from the Exchange server. If a “buzzword” was matched inside the body of the email, the compliance officer wanted to be alerted. With FileDirector’s Mailstore module we can monitor inbound and outbound email in Microsoft Exchange and archive emails effortlessly.

Nightly Updating of Documents

You are capturing supplier invoices as soon as they are received into your business.  They are archived with a payment status of “unpaid” though. Once you pay them and mark the invoice as paid in your accounts or ERP system, you would like that reflected in FileDirector. Check. We can do that. Running a scheduler we can query existing data sources, and update on a specific value like a GUID or ID and update any of relevant fields.

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