FileDirector News

FileDirector 3.0 is here

December 2013 – We are pleased to say we have now got a working copy of FileDirector 3.0 and it has a number of improvements. The most important is the much faster server processing which means the WinClient and Enterprise Manager launch much more quickly.

  • There are now new Apps for iOs and Android
  • Full Text search has been improved so you can now see highlighted words in the content.
  • QR Codes can now be read by the Barcode / OCR Module

Feb 2013 – FileDirector 2.7 Launched

14/2/2013 – FileDirector 2.7 is now available. The main improvement is in PDF handling. Rather than using the Stelent viewer, FileDirector now uses your existing / favourite PDF program like Adobe Reader.


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