FileDirector Case Studies

Euro Commercials no longer worry about missing files

For most people, moving away from paper storage is a leap of faith – and Euro Commercials were no different. Not that they had any logical reason to cling to their old ways – sadly, they were all too familiar with the nightmare that unfolds when documents go missing.

“A change of systems does concentrate the mind and for the project to be a success we knew we had to get our processes spot on. And, of course, choose the right solution. We’re a Mercedes-Benz dealer and high standards of quality are expected of us – both by our customers and Mercedes-Benz themselves – so we had to get it right.”

“For us, Click2Scan ticked every box.”

Their requirement was to scan job cards for every vehicle that went through their four workshops. Some of these run to 100 or more pages – often double-sided – and all need to be traceable in a variety of ways.

“C2S listened carefully to our requirements and designed a system that fitted our very specific needs, including barcodes, bespoke search features and audit reports to ensure that we hadn’t missed anything.”

“As an IT Manager I think it is a measure of how well a system works when nobody mentions it!” They have massively improved their business operation, cutting their storage costs right back and improving efficiency beyond all expectation. And no more lost documents!

Clark Electrical can now raise invoices faster

The number of paper documents circulating the office at Clark Electrical was becoming a burden. Doug Ironside, the FD, wanted to improve cash flow by invoicing jobs sooner after completion and his job was hampered by the time it took to get the paperwork to the right people. 


Filing was another problem.  A complete office was occupied by filing cabinets and a container in the yard was also crammed with old files. Any customer invoice query was a nightmare. Tracking down worksheets or searching the old files took valuable time and invariably ended in delayed payment.


The directors asked Click2Scan to help. Doug was pleased with the results. “Following a review of our systems they installed FileDirector, a software based filing system to improve accessibility and this has resulted in a more efficient and timely invoicing system. They also scanned 15 filing cabinets of files in the filing room to give us more office space and make the information easily accessible in case of a query.” 


Adapting and changing has been the key to Clark’s success. Having now been in business for nearly 60 years, adapting to legislation or embracing technology helps to keep them agile and successful.


CMR Logistics centralise their dispatch notes

Woodland Logistics are a fast expanding contract logistics company covering the east of the country. With 6 remote offices, tracking despatch notes was becoming a problem. Click2Scan consulted and agreed an implementation of FileDirector 2.0 with OCR to intelligently read delivery note numbers as they are scanned. CMR have rolled our 6 scanning stations each sending documents to a central FileDirector server. 


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