FileDirector Specification

The nitty gritty – what you need to know


Specification & Modules


  • Cloud Edition
    Fully loaded, unlimited users, monthly pay-as-you-go
  • Small Business Edition
    Up-to 20 concurrent users
  • Enterprise Edition
    Unlimited servers and clients


choice of …

  • Named users
    assign a license to a specific person
  • Concurrent users
    suggested ratio of 3 – 1 ie 1 license will cover 3 users. Install the software on as many client PC’s as you like. 

Optional Modules

  • Full Text Search
    Search inside the content of files as well
  • ODBC lookup
    Improve indexing with llookups into database or data lists using ODBC. 
  • Barcode / OCR Module
    Read zonal areas of the page or barcodes as you scan
  • Image Printer
    Print pages (ie web page or Sage report) into FileDirector
  • Process Management
    Design and implement workflows
  • Archive Links SAP Interface
    Integrate FileDirector with SAP
  • Sharepoint Integrator
    Scan all your files using FielDirector but present files back through Sharepoint using search webparts
  • MailStore
    Archive emails at the Exchange server level using rules

Custom Modules

  • Abbyy FlexiCapture Link
    Use Abbyy FlexiCapture for intelligent scanning of forms documents like invoices and then archive directly into FileDirector.
  • Santiago
    Have you emails monitored by Santiago, with attachments automatically read and indexed into FileDirector. Perfect for accounts payable and client cases.

System Requirements

Standalone / Peer to Peer

Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 with IIS6 or IIS7+

SQL Express 2005 / 2008 / 2012


Client / Server 


Windows 2003 / 2008 / 2008R2 / 2012 Server

IIS 6 or 7+ 

Dot Net 2  & Dot Net 4

Database – SQL Express / SQL / Oracale 9

Storage – Raid / NAS / SAN – any UNC path


Clients – Windows

Any Windows desktop running Dot Net 2

Scanning – any ISIS / Twain scanner


Clients – Mac & Linux

Any browser for retrieval and editing and uploading of new files. 

No direct scanning Control. 


Clients – Mobile

iPhone client for Process Management

Any web browser iOS & Android


Compliance Benefits 

Version Control

Audit Trail 

Document History 

Layered Security with Active Directory 

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