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You can find any document in seconds using powerful search, on any device, across any time-zone.

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Cabinets, Document Types & Index Fields


Cabinets – Quite simply, a cabinet is the overall container where your information is stored. Typically a company will have one cabinet and everything will be stored in here, but in certain cases it may be suitable to create more than one cabinet to improve security. Departments can self manage a cabinet without affecting anyone else.

Document Types – Within the cabinet you have document types such as invoices, sales orders, statements. For each document type you can specify security rights, so only users in HR can have access to the HR records.

Index Fields – Within the document types you can specify whatever index fields you need. If you have a document type for purchase invoices you might specify Date, Invoice Number, Order Number, Supplier, Net, VAT & Gross. For statements you might only need supplier and date.


At work in your accounts department  


If you work in the accounts department and you are forever having to look up invoices, FileDirector will save you huge amounts of time. Perhaps everything you do relates to your company order number. Keying this into FileDirector in the search box will bring back everything against that number within seconds.  This works well for any simple document, such as:


  • Invoices
  • Delivery / Despatch Notes
  • Application Forms

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Find it on any device, using any browser

These days we all need to work flexibly and we need information wherever we are. FileDirector has its own Windows client program – WinClient but also has a superb web interface that means you can view files on any platform – Mac, PC & Linux as well as out an about on your iPhone, iPad or other smartphone. 


Mijas Link Tool

Whatever application you work in, it could be that you need to view a correspoding document. Without leaving that application you can point and click on a value – say an order number and our Mijas tool will launch the corresponding document in FileDirector. This saves time and app switching. It even works in Sage 50

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Retrieval features

  • Design your cabinet in minutes
  • Find documents in seconds
  • Flexible keyword lists and lookups
  • Retrieve on any web device

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