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C2S – www.c2s.co.uk are FileDirector developers and have created a number of useful tools that compliment FileDirector.

The first is DocLaunch – a way to launch documents in FileDirector from within your web browser or business application. Simply highlight a value like a Order Number or an Invoice Number and invoke a pre-set profile to find it.

The screen shot above shows two profiles have been created on the server and pushed out to the users. One is to launch the Order Number search using Ctrl F4 and the other is the Invoice Number search on Ctrl F3.
You can also link any one of these profiles to a Right Click > in your web browser as shown below

If you work from business applications like Sage of Oracle or browser based applications like Xero or Sugar CRM, you can easily launch corresponding documents in FileDirector. Just highlight a value in your browser (Chrome, Firefox & IE supported) and Launch or use a Ctrl command. You have a choice of downloading the document as a PDF or viewing it in FileDirector Web or WinClient.

Automated Email Attachments into FileDirector

You can easily save email attachments from Outlook into FileDirector. Just click the FileDirector icon and follow the indexing procedure. But what happens when you get 20 or 50 or 100 attachments a day. Do you really want to spend your time idly clicking ?

What you need is Santiago. A program to monitor your email account, filter on the attachments you want and then have them indexed directly into FileDirector with as much information as we can pick up – like the provider, subject and date.

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Integration Features

  • Dot Net API
  • ODBC database lookups
  • SQL database for reporting
  • Codeless connector for non web apps
  • FileDirector commands for bespoke buttons

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