Process Management – Workflows & Approvals

Complicated workflows can be setup and used in minutes.

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How would an approvals dashboard help your business ?

Invoices and POs approved faster, without paper

The best feature of FileDirector for many of our users is the Process Management module. This allows you to create custom workflows like an invoice or Purchase Order approval.

So Much Faster – The main difference between FileDirector and other workflow applications like Sharepoint is that you dont require any programming and with 30 minutes training you could be setting up and deploying your own approval routines in minutes.

Approvers can:

  • Receive an immediate email or a daily digest email
  • Take action in a web browser, iPhone / iPad or Android device.
  • Approver or Reject a documents
  • Add comments that can be passed over to the next approver / admin team.
  • Can be reminded if they dont take action
  • Can set their absence when out of the office


Approval workflows can include:

  • Changing field values or document types
  • Serial approvals or group approval with voting / weighting
  • Interaction with other systems – e.g put an Invoice on dispute in Sage
  • Export documents or email other interested parties documents
  • Trigger secondary approvals / workflows


Claims handling as well

We have a number of customers who also use FileDirector to allocate documents into a work queue. As inbound documents are captured and indexed they will need actioning as well. FileDirector can be used to allocate a document to a team so a team member can claim the document and carry out the demands of the task.

Full monitoring and metrics

As the picture at the top shows, our FileDirector approvals dashboard give a complete view of how your department is functioning so you can see how many documents are in the system, and get an idea of how your team is performing.

Easy to setup and deploy

Setting up a workflow in FileDirector is very easy. Using a simple system of flow you add the steps you require and can easily implement a workflow without any programming knowledge. This means the time to go live on even the most complex of installations is days rather than weeks.

Its easy to design a process in FileDirector 

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Workflow Features

  • Create your own workflows
  • Change document types or index field values
  • Send emails
  • Serial or parallel routing
  • Use document signatures
  • Have time-outs on approvals
  • Approve documents or claim them
  • Require comments or accounts codes

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