It's all about document process

10 years ago it was all about scan and archive. Creating the paper-less office. Today, 90% of our conversations are about process and efficiency gains. Getting invoices approved electronically or routing queries through to customer services faster.

The amazing thing about FileDirector is just how quickly we can add those improvements. A complicated and sophisticated approval process can be setup and tested in an hour. No need for programming and no need for frustration or exhasberation

Everything you need is in the box

The amazing thing about FileDirector is just how much "stuff" is in the box. The good news is you only pay for what you need. But when you do need to expand, you dont need to start over.

The scanning is best-in-class. It makes capturing paper documents a breeze. And there is integration with Office, accessibility from any device and so many features you dont know you need until you need them

What is FileDirector?

  • A virtual filing system for all of your documents - departmental or company wide
  • A workflow & approval solution that is easy and fast to set up
  • A paper-less office enabler - scan, classify, index and shred
  • A document management system with compliance and security built-in
  • An intelligent scanning system - OCR & Barcodes can speed up capture
  • Network software for documents for a department or whole company
  • Easy to use, fast to deploy, robust & reliable
  • Infinitely customisable and easy to integrate -

Who uses FileDirector?

  • Accounts, Finance &┬áLegal
  • HR departments
  • Logistics & shipping departments
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Solicitors, Accountants
  • Distributors & Manufacturers
  • Any organisation with files
  • Private & Public sector
"The combined ABBYY FlexiCapture & FileDirector solution has changed the way we work, and has increased productivity dramatically. The service we have received from C2S has been attentive, professional and intelligent at all times."
Suhail Alam, London
"FileDirector changed the way we worked, freed us from the mountain of paper-work and now the new digital sign page solution you wrote for us has simply changed the way we work for ever."
Andy Tyrer, IT Manager, Twickenham
"FileDirector has changed the way we hold our service records. No more archiving to off-site storage. Our staff find it very easy to use and the time to roll it out was very fast ."
Mark Landon, Cardiff
"The transition from Scanfile to FileDirector was very smooth. The scanning team were up and running in no time. "
David Evans, Birmingham
"FileDirector will be rolled out across the entire housing department over time. It's been a very positive transformation and we have rationalised our district offices as we no longer have to keep paper records"
South Coast Housing Department
"Thanks for all the financial records you have scanned for us recently, happy to provide a reference when needed."
Martyn, Eduserv, Bath

Our FileDirector clients include ...